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The number one home based business opportunity in the World. Work from home and make money within 7 days with no risk. All support and training provided at no cost.
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home based business
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VIEW USA Today Article "Online Video-The Next Gold Rush"
Florida Realtor Magazine: Technology and You
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Business Video Email Undergoes Video Email Evolution
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Make money with Live webcasting, live broadcasting, video email, video blogging and  podcasting, video conferencing and more   On going self development and Entrepreneurial education for the BEST!  Marketing strategies to get traffic to your website fast.  Get a video driven website and get the WOW factor when people visit!

Today, approximately $2 Billion a year is being spent on streaming media services. This number is projected to grow to $12 billion over the next few years, according to industry analysts. Affiliates are suppliers of highly sought-after products. Why? Because we simplified the process of streaming video, live or recorded, over the internet, into one easy-to-use, high-quality, cost-effective solution. But our company offers so much more. It has combined three of the today’s hottest Wall Street trends – streaming video, social networking and a multi-tiered affiliate program – so you can work from home, make money in one powerful home based business opportunity.

Turnkey Business System
Our company combines the billion dollar streaming video, social networking and Network Marketing industries, into one amazing money make business opportunity far ahead of the times. Our opportunity offers a comprehensive turnkey business system that allows you to work from home and is designed to propel our Affiliates to financial freedom. When you become an affiliate you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to turn the key to success and make money right away. These tools include 2 company websites for directing and enrolling your potential business partners, and your own demonstartion site for directing your retail customers.

Your site hosts your very own virtual Admin Center equipping you with all the business management tools you need for keeping track of your growing organization. It provides real time reports displaying your earned commissions and how you can make money even faster while at work from home! Your Prospect Manager (available with all Fast Track Packs and above) collects your prospects contact information provided through your contact page on the provided website and automatically sends follow up email campaigns for you. You’ll also receive a powerful studio for managing and storing all your digital media, creating and sending video emails, hosting a video IM group chat, or a live webcast, and so much more. You’ll even have access to our state of the art  Learning Center filled with product tutorials and invaluable techniques and tips for building and training your business organization to duplicate success.

Your turnkey home based business comes complete with up-to-the-minute real time commission reports, marketing materials, video tutorials, daily news updates, the most complete real-time business reports in the industry, and so much more. Everything you need to make money today. Choose the plan that works best for you and become a Business Owner today!

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Brian J. Williams
In the USA Today article see how we make money with Streaming Video. There are many opportunites to make money with consumer and B2B services. There is something for everyone.
......ABOUT ME: Today, Brian is realizing his dreams. In his lifetime he has owned 3 successful businesses and has found success again with the Streaming Media Industry. Brian is considered a leader in the Online Communications Industry. Brian has a passion for Self Development and ongoing Entrepreneurial eduction and is a Founding Member of Brian Tracy's new company iLearning Global. Over the years, three things have dominated his life - love for family, an incredible desire for success in all he does, and a great passion for the coastal lifestyle. 
Who I'd like to meet:
People who are serious about making a change in their life. I was very fortunate to learn how to create a walk away income and now have the ability to teach others what I learned and how they can do the same within 3-5 years. Currently Brian is involved with a cutting edge Virtual Communications Company, Coaching and Training those that are highly motivated and eager to reach there financial goals.

work from home
Brian Williams
The best Work from home business I have ever seen!
-Greg Thompson-
  Make money with streaming video
     Realtors make money with video
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home based business online
Selling subscription based streaming media products work from home with a home based business that offers unbeatable support and allows me to make money part time that surpasses most people full time salary has been a dream come true.
If you want to make money, start a home based business, work from home while online this is a great business for you. I have been making money with this home based business, work from home for 3 years. Making money in a home based business while working at home has allowed me to spend more time with family and have a wonderful quality of life.

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